Hear the Green

Here's the thing. We believe in cannabis. We believe in it as effective, proven medicine. We believe in its legal, adult consumption. And we believe in its very real opportunities for imaginative brand marketing. Because, this business is blooming. It's high time its ads catch up. 

Our Founder and Creative Director, Jill Kershaw, has won multiple Radio Mercury Awards, London International Advertising Awards, a Cannes Integrated Lion and is a Clear Channel E.A.R. $50,000 Radio Award winner. Jill serves as a member of the prestigious Radio Advertising Bureau Advisory Board, a member of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, she is a speaker, panelist and international juror in the radio and audio industry. She is also a cannabis patient. At seventeen, Jill survived two serious car collisions resulting in daily chronic pain ever since. And after years of seeing every specialist and naturopathic healer possible, her neurologist suggested cannabis, and with it her first glimpse at recovery.

So, we get it. And we really get marketing. It's what Jill's done for two decades, strategizing and producing thousands of radio commercials and audio content for some of the world's largest brands. 



We Offer:

Script Development, Voice Casting, Sound Design, Sonic Branding, Original Music,
Adaptation to Spanish language and Urban Markets, and Strategic Media Placement

Our partnership with Digital Audio Exchange (DAX) allows us to purchase air time on dozens of national satellite stations including SoundCloud, targeted podcasts, and online radio stations creating up to ten thousand audio impressions per week. 

We consult with a policy expert to guide our strategies, adapting and adhering to any potential new industry regulations. 

...but why audio? Well. There are over 153 million 18+ online listeners each week*, across all things audio on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. That's a lot. And nearly as many (124 million) have listened to podcasts. Which means audio marketing isn't only relevant. It's thriving.  

Just in case, here are 7 more reasons why radio’s the right move.

*Source: Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report Q1 2017



We're ready to elevate your cannabis brand to a new high. Contact us to get started.